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The road to success is built one stone, one failure at a time.  Hack the Code: What, Why, & How is the first of three books describing the primary barriers standing in the way of realizing dreams. This deep hitting book guides the reader through a journey to find a motivation so deep it can only be called passion. 

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Lightning coming from ones nose is not as important as knowing what to do with lightning that comes from ones nose.  The first in the series, George of the Universe teaches emotional intelligence through crisp writing and whimsical imagery.  Learn, what you can do; if you do and try, and learn just like George of the Universe.     

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George discovers something amazing near a giant black hole in space.  What George does with this discovery is what's amazing.  Learn how to look at problems differently so problems no longer become problems! 

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Communication is the key to effective relationships; but will also decrease the effects of trauma and PTSD.  Glen Williams gives an inside perspective as a veteran law enforcement officer and one who suffered from the effects of PTSD.  Williams sets an amazing example of what can happen with the right communication. 


Read the book Napoleon Hill was afraid publish.  Written in 1938, Hill documents an interview between an "earthbound" and "His Majesty" the devil.  When embraced with an intention, to feel what Hill was not saying, this book provides great insight into the mind of a man who taught how to Think and Grow Rich. 


The book Chad Wade read 300 times and said he'd continue reading for the rest of his life.  Chad dreamt of meeting Napoleon Hill in the "afterlife". Knowing Chad he created success with this dream on his first day.  Think and Grow Rich teaches how to create a "winners" mindset one crucial thought at a time.  


Kids don't come with instructions.  That doesn't mean parenting is impossible.  Tyler Small writes this book from the mindset of a real parent struggling with real child development problems.  After feeling frustrated with conflict, Tyler tried something different.  

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