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Beautifully and wonderfully Made.

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

One of the hardest things I have done is to accept who I am. My flaws, my strengths, my mistakes, and even my accomplishments. Some of that sounds weird, doesn’t it? Why would it be hard to accept my accomplishments? We live in a world where fame, fortune, perfection, and glory are not just on display but pushed onto us as things we should want to achieve. And when we compare ourselves to these fake realities it diminishes our perception of our worth. The worth of what we have and can accomplish. When we look to social media as a guide on how we should live, we lose sight of who we truly are. We tend to think that our best isn’t as meaningful as our neighbor’s best, that our bad days are somehow worst than our friend’s bad days, and that our accomplishments aren't real accomplishments. However, there is a fatal flaw in this thinking, one that could destroy our hearts.

What is that fatal flaw? That our value is dependent on our accomplishments, our awards, our bank accounts, or our social media posts. No, it isn’t even affected by our flaws, our bad days, or even our mistakes and bad choices. You my dear friend have a worth that cannot be hidden under a blanket of darkness. Your worth is above that of all the treasures of the world combined. How can I say that with a straight face and full of conviction? Because you are you! You have strengths no one else does. You have a path in this life that no one else can do. And all you have to is accept this universal and unchangeable truth that you have worth greater and more meaningful than you can imagine. It’s an amazing truth but it can be difficult to accept and align this truth with our perceptions and emotions we hold of ourselves.

So how can we accept this truth? How does one go about accepting the truth? We study the facts, we ponder about the logistics of the information, and come to a conclusion. You have been wonderfully and purposefully created. No one is perfect or has a perfect life, but each and every one of us has many wonderful characteristics and skills, talents, and gifts that can enhance our lives but also those we come into contact with. I have heard the advice many times throughout my years that when I am feeling down, or bad about myself and life, serve others. When we stop for a short time and focus our energy and efforts helping to lift someone else, to bright a friend’s day, or to ease the burdens of a neighbor, we feel the sun shining a little brighter, we feel happiness a little bit deeper and we tend to feel our burdens lessen. So what does helping others have to do with accepting this universal truth about your self-worth? When we can step out of our own minds for a minute, take a breather, we may just be able to see the validity of those words. I do promise you, that this truth of invaluable worth applies to you, with my whole being I promise it does.

So now that I, hopefully, have planted the seeds of this truth in your heart and mind, what can we do next? We when are surrounded by darkness it’s hard to feel the warmth of the Sun. So we need to work on surrounding ourselves with light. We need to start feeling better about who we are, day in and day out. We need to feel that dopamine, when we accomplish a task on our to-do list no matter how big or small it, may be. We don’t need to be stuck where we are in life. We all have the ability to change. Isn’t that just a cool concept? I would hate to be stuck as the same person I was as a teenager, a young adult, or even the same person just a few years ago. I was told a story recently, a man was in his 80s and his son kept telling him that he needed to drink more water and eat more fruit. His son wanted him to be healthier, live longer, and feel better. The older man’s response was I am almost 90, why should I start now? The old man ended up passing away some time later. And as the son went to help clear out his dad’s house he found fruit on the table and water bottles in the fridge. Never discount your ability to change.

You may be saying “Change is hard! Change is overwhelming! And I don’t know where to start?” And that’s okay. Wanting to change something is always the first step. I do need to offer a word of caution. You do not and will never need to change everything about yourself. Remember that you need to accept your strengths and if you have no idea what those are. Think about things you love doing and things you can do well. Can you keep your desk or purse organized? Strength! Can you talk on the phone? Strength! Can you listen well to others? Strength! Don’t think about anyone else’s strengths. Only think about what you can do! So now that we have a starting list of our strengths because you will continue to add to this list, it’s time to think of one thing to improve on. And there are no rules to what it is. Do you want to wake up earlier? Do you want to learn a language? Do you want to eat healthier? What you want to work on is all up to you. Now comes a life-changing life hack, it’s three simple words but they are so simple. Good, Better, Best.

Good, Better, Best? What does this mean? Well, think of it as three tiers. Good is the first level, better is the next and best is the top. When we first start to change any effort and progress is good. And good is enough. I need you to say that again GOOD IS ENOUGH! Oh, how I want you to understand this concept. It might look something like this: If all you can do to start waking up earlier in the morning is hearing your alarm go off and you go back to sleep, that is good enough. The more and more you hear your alarm and wake up, the habit begins to grow inside your body and mind. You begin to start to be more awake each time your alarm goes off, then you start waking up without your alarm and you start getting out of bed. When we focus on getting these small but good steps towards the change, we allow change to happen within us. When we allow ourselves to grow, we accept that we may fall, we may stubble but that is okay! And we accept that it’s okay to not be perfect, but that good is enough, we will make more everlasting changes, meet more of our goals and become more successful in your life. So say it with me, MY GOOD IS ENOUGH.

So what’s next? Well, we will talk about it at another time, because I want you to say it again, Your Good really and truly is enough. And don't forget to drink more water and eat more fruit.

- Sam

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