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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Logan is a tall, thin, eclectic man who often sports hair spiked high upon his head. He listens more than he speaks; but his silence should not be mistaken for a lack of depth or a waning willingness to engage within himself or his environment.

I first met Logan while presenting emotional concepts to a college class. Having known his instructor for years, I was invited to expound lessons I’ve learned from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Logan entered the room dressed in a vintage polyester suit colored in a bold 70’s plaid. His wide tie matched his chosen era in both material and pattern. I can honestly say I cannot recall the last time I witnessed such a blatant throwback to history. Having been born in the early 70’s, very likely around the time this suit was originally manufactured, I wore similar patterns and prints; but only when I was very young; and at the behest of my mother who exercised full control of my wardrobe. I only add this information to make clear the solidarity of the scene. Logan was in his early twenties. His walk communicated a lack of hesitation and an air of confidence which looked nothing like arrogance. In fact, Logan exuded the opposite of self-importance. In this, it was clear Logan intended to stand out but not in a way which made others uncomfortable or feeling less than he was. This is important. Because Logan is, and was, a model of genuine sincerity wherein without hesitation, or excuse, he introduces who he is without saying a single word.

My interaction with Logan was limited on this first day; but the quiet humor of his entire persona burned deeply into my mind. After all, here was a man who demanded attention; but not in the same way as many.

I later found Logan enrolled in one of my upper level courses. I immediately recognized his distinctful face, black wide rimmed glasses, and hair spiked upward, and outward, in all directions at once. It is important, for visual reference, to avoid seeing Logan as one who pushed fashion boundaries into what many called 80’s “punk-rock”. In this, I make a clear distinction to what Logan was trying to do. With some, the use of hair style, clothing, makeup, and even tattoos & piercings seems solely motivated toward intentional removal from the mainstream. This was not Logan. In fact, Logan achieved nearly an opposite reaction to those who seem to demand they are not within “socially acceptable groups”. Logan was not at all pretentious in the way he intentionally designed his life; nor was he pretentious in the way his life interacted with others.

In fact, the second time I met Logan I found his dress to fit a less eclectic standard. Gone was the loud suit; present was a simple t-shirt and pair of blue jeans. As it turns out, a simple change in wardrobe did nothing to the core of a man who seemed intent to walk through life with a stark willingness to be who he is; an admirable tone especially in light of what the world would have us think.

Logan is kind, caring, and naively shy in social situations. He thinks before he acts and he feels before he thinks. These qualities give Logan a specific command on his environment and control within himself. Why are these qualities so absent within mainstream society?

I have known Logan for many years now and I am pleased to report his gentle presence has changed my life for the better. As it turns out; this outcome is not at all what he intended; but is nonetheless pleasing to him. He once wrote a song called "Romped out Mango". I think this song is a perfect expression of who Logan is. You can find an expression of this song on the main Whole Soul Fitness page: Check it out! Discover more about who is helping change this world for the better.


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