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Rule #9 - Figure it out

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

In my college career at Utah Valley University, I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of their drumline: The Green Man Group. Because we were considered the “most entertaining drumline in the country”, there was a huge amount of pressure to live up to that title every year and in addition to auditions being highly competitive, only the best was offered a spot on the drumline. Many perks are offered from being a member of the drumline, but the biggest perk was that my education was completely paid for. Sounds great right?

Well, that all came at a cost. We needed to continue to work hard and soak up any amount of travel and performance logistics and music that we could so we can be the best and put on the best show for the audience and continue to be the “most entertaining drumline in the country”. Every year, a week before school starts, we travel to a near-by city to have our drumline camp to get a jump start before school begins. Drumline camp consists of a full itinerary of playing and learning music, different listening exercises to help us playing together, and learning how to interact with different people since we are also technically mascots.

Sometime during camp, our instructor sits us all down and gives us his “expectation” talk. One of the principles he teaches, and one I will never forget, is Rule #9. Figure it out. To give more context, he explains that we are all adults and responsible for ourselves. In a group like the Green Man Group where we have a suffocating and overwhelming schedule making appearances at elementary schools for their events, playing at university sports games, and performing at other events across the country and different states, communication is crucial and no one has the energy to worry about each other’s belongings. We are responsible for what we touch and what we use. If we forget something, we need to take the initiative and figure out a solution ourselves.

In the TAP-IN process, understanding who we are or how we fit in this world is an enigma, but we have a wonderful opportunity to take the time and figure it out. No one can tell us what to do or where to start so it takes our initiative to start figuring out where the bad roots come from to start extracting those away. It is a scary thing to be honest with ourselves and to really dive to the abyss of our hearts. But as we look deep within, and find one root of the problem, we can start taking that in strides and slowly chipping that bad root away. Eventually, we all will be magnificent fruit-bearing trees. You are what you are. God has created you in a perfect way and you are a unique gift to the world. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. As a society, the weaknesses of others are what stand out the most. That is where judgement happens. No no likes to be judged - it's uncomfortable, demeaning, and it is just not anyone’s place. What if we focused on the positive things of people? How different would the world be? I challenge you to focus on your positive talents and attributes because that is what really matters most. Your positive gifts can help someone no matter who you are, what you are going through or your stage of life, you can do the most good no matter what. “I am me”.


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