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Survival of the Fittest?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Given the right environment, what is the potential of the individual?

The development and progress of the individual weighs on the shoulders of our communities as what knowledge is accepted as truth within those communities; our homes, neighborhoods, schools, cities, states, nations, world, universe, and beyond. The potential for peace and the possibilities of prosperity hinges on humanity and the truth the community accepts of the worth of the individual. The worth of each individual and what they can contribute to the community outweighs any other ideal, cause, problem or concern.

A community may have a pollution that can jeopardize their very existence, but the answer may be seeded within the individual who is not nurtured properly or given the opportunity to grow and develop. One may focus their efforts on opposing the current ways of producing food and yet another expends their energy to the rights of one individual by discarding unwanted individuals. But maybe the answer would be from within one of those discarded or one labeled to amount to nothing or a nuisance. One of these may possess the answer to the producing endless food without pesticides, growth hormones and preservatives, the very things that contributed to creating a myriad of disabilities plaguing humanity’s progress of unraveling the mysteries of our universe that will sustain endless potential, endless life.

Because we have devalued the worth of the individual, have we doomed our existence to extinction? Have we created systems, organizations, societies and communities as the crabs’ environment where each time someone shows the potential of greatness, they are diminished or ridiculed to cower, clamming up and not sharing the very element or idea that will free us from one of the chains that has enslaved us to our current state?

As we realize, foster, encourage and celebrate the worth of each individual, we invite the light of knowledge to shine at its fullest in our communities; enriching each individual, creating environments that do not restrict the possibilities of growth and development. With this brings peace of mind, endless effort of actions of prosperity and harmony of emotion for peace in the world.

How do we do this? A creative process, a process of adapting our intellect and efforts that creates peace and harmony. An Adaptive Process that develops the worth of each individual and their individual talents. Just as we have a finger print that is like no other individual who has, who does, or whoever will live on this earth, we have a mind, abilities, and emotions that no other individual possesses. These are things intangible that psychology cannot currently map the cognition, biology cannot explain through gene or DNA mapping, or sociologist cannot graph or chart.

Some aspects are strengths with some individuals, weaknesses with others; again, we are not all the same. This does not make one better or less than another. This does not make one more able, lucky, or blessed than another. For this reason, we each have a different purpose and course for life. We all have within us the inherent ability to acquire, improve, and correct our knowledge and heal our ailments of the mind, body, and emotions. As we question our knowledge and address our aliments, we make better decisions in our current environments that improve our mindfulness which correct our feelings. The better we think, the better we act. The better we act, the better we feel. When we feel our best, we think and act our best. When even one of our thoughts, actions, or feelings is off, it throws off our balance and our harmony is distracted within our being. Our life’s purpose and course are interrupted, block, and with time, possibly dammed from progress and progression. We in turn can avoid the harmony that can exist in the environments we live and work within; home, neighborhood, community, workplace, nation, or world.

Just as the crabs in a container pull down another crab as they climb to freedom, we and our environments have been programed to do the same with blame, labels, accusations and even lies to promote the theory of ‘survival of the fittest’. We have been programed that it is easier to blame someone than work on ourselves. We are programmed to label others that are challenging our maladaptive behaviors and distract them and ourselves from addressing the change that will make us think, act and feel the harmony we seek. If our maladaptive behaviors bring us comfort, we accuse others of pressing their beliefs upon us, even though using those beliefs may address and even correct our habits that are holding us back from our personal progress to our personal purpose.

As we receive labels for things we do in the moment and do not represent our individual core values, we can expend precious energy in defending misperceptions from misunderstanding. When our communities are labeled, we can be judged and defined in ways that do not identify with our individual core values. When these labels and definitions are placed upon us regularly, methodically with prejudice, they can become a self-fulling prophecy for thoughts, actions, and feelings that were not part of our original being. Overcoming these engrained maladaptive behaviors of the mind, body and core of our being can be as simple as gaining new confidence with new knowledge. This process gives a recognition of deep seeded worth and values, bringing light to an ember that has always burned within.

Gaining confidence in our individual core beliefs and values brings an energy to build our competency of adaptive behaviors. We see the holes of knowledge we have missed, bringing more light to our focus, which expands our view of the bigger picture that has always been there. We connect more dots with the missing puzzle pieces filled in, which perpetuates our confidence and competency creating a desire to increase our human capital and refine our current skills and abilities.

A transition to a better thought process directs our actions to better opportunities. This fills us with the ability and emotions to face all that life has to give; giving light and energy to embrace achievements and perseverance to endure any challenge. This Adaptive Process gives the courage to TAP IN and not give up. These provide individual, personal direction to knowledge and light to show the way, and empower the individual with the skills to create life-long learning within their being.

For those maladaptive behaviors and habits that have become regimented within your daily life, it may take some time to establish new regiments and reprogram behaviors that are impeding your individual progress to your individual purpose. The studies show they are 28 days away. As we stack those 28 days and repeat, we program new thoughts, we perform better actions, and create new emotions that motivate, propel and energize our being with endless possibilities.

As you start your individual journey, listen to this song and consider the simple words from the prolific singer, song-writer Dan Fogelberg:

(This is only part of the lyrics) click here for full song:

The Higher You Climb

The higher you climb, The more that you see. The more that you see, The less that you know. The less that you know, The more that you yearn. The more that you yearn, The higher you climb.

The farther you reach, The more that you touch. The more that you touch, The fuller you feel. The fuller you feel, The less that you need. The less that you need, The farther you reach.

Repeat – An eternal cycle – keep climbing and reaching.

As you consider the mountain you have to climb, the life you have to live, read Dr. Seuss’ book Oh, the Places You’ll Go and put to memory the lines found within:

“Today is your Day! Your mountain is waiting so….Get on you way!”

- Jeff

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