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Time to TAP-IN?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

In a world with a ‘win at all cost’ mentality, ‘put up or go home’ environment, and a ‘TAP OUT’ fear of motivation to act, is there any wonder why many in of our society have, are or want to check out, ‘throw in the towel’ and give in?

It seems the division of our core facets of our being are dividing our communities – home, neighborhood, school, work, city, etc. – and alienating the very individuals and ideas that can bring relief and restoration. These great divides are multiplied when thinking is not the same in our communities. Intelligence, even mere thoughts, are criticized and devalued. Unique and different acts, creative change or efforts of pro-social actions are diminished and dismissed. As emotions of tranquility and peace are searched and longed for; mocking and ridicule control the environment and over take the community.

Our society, even the very fabric of our communities, are being overcome with disrespect and dishonesty to prove a point and sway one to another’s belief or way of life. This distorts reality and dispels the truth from individuals and communities to obtain balance for a harmonious world. In turn, this creates environments that flourish with positive, productive activities. The energy produced by the pro-active, caring, even sacrificing acts of kindness enlighten and expand emotions of harmony. This sparks hope and forges a fire within to face any challenge and find resolve for any problem.

Whether an individual believes in a Supreme Being, The Big Bang, or somewhere in between, when individuals learn to balance current intellect and information available, their actions are better. As the individual and community act better, peace and harmony abide. Understanding and embracing the realization that if the individual and the members of our variety of communities are not comfortable with the outcome, one can take what has been learned from the experience, increase in knowledge and try a new action, creating a new emotion closer to the harmony sought. This process can be repeated and replicated with increased thinking and awareness for the situation or problem. This process fosters brainstorming for refined actions to achieve desired, even unknown and unexpected emotions, purposes and growth.

We offer as the approach to heal the individual, communities and the world The Adaptive Process – Intuition Navigated or TAP-IN. As TAP-IN is learned, practiced and processed, desire for increased knowledge and experimentation of practice brings to light the realization of infinite possibilities for progress. This is the energy that propels and perpetuates eternal life. This eternal life is realized by those who have planted the seeds of progress before, cultivated by active individuals and communities and passed to those who will come into being and inherit our communities. As the individual focuses on the basics; all individuals increase in knowledge, pro-social actions, enlightenment of emotions and the possibilities of progression of self and their communities.

What is focused on becomes an individual’s reality. When a person thinks too much, they get in their head, blame self and become depressed. This depressed mindset can build up within the body as fear and loss of control. The unchecked fear causes imbalance which manifests itself through anger and harm to self and others. The imbalance of a depressed mind and tense body brings on feelings of anxiety; a warning to the individual of maladaptive thoughts and lack of action to correct maladaptive behavior. When new perspectives are considered, new approaches are taken and experimented with. New possibilities for positive outcomes increase positive energy of emotions. These emotions provide sustained, perpetuating energy for the individual’s or communities’ next problem or situation. Emotional successes enable the individual and communities with a sense of contribution to the whole. This generates more energy to repeat The Adaptive Process and to participate more fully.

When thinking is not limited to a linear left or right; or a simple focus on the past or the future; we gain a perceptive that only looking up and around can provide. Only when communities choose to shift positions, to see more, to challenge thoughts and procedures as situations fluctuate and evolves. This allows thoughts, ideas and theories to transform to the best actions. The individual, or the specific community – home, neighborhood, school, work, city, etc. – can dig deeper and look within and without boundaries for the best solutions. As the individual, or defined community, take part in multi-faceted activities and experiences, purpose is fulfilled with excitement of accomplishment; fueling confidence for the next challenge or problem.

The concepts found within TAP-IN create an environment where anything can be faced, overcome, and achieved. Is it Time to TAP-IN?

- Jeff

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