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What’s love got to do with it?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Just this week I was at my brothers house at an unexpected time. He parked his car in his communities visitor parking only to find it had been towed. An expensive lesson for sure based on the $250 price tag assessed by the impound lot. But this is not the purpose of this post.

My purpose is to outline something simple, yet powerful, which happened when I least expected it. I was standing in my brothers front room speaking with his wife. I would not have been there expect for a call from my brother to drive him to the impound lot. His middle child was excitedly playing a video game. His youngest son, old enough to walk and use very basic language, showed me a rubber ball. I took the ball and bounced it once. He then handed me a toy gun which I pretended to shoot. These interactions must have made an impression because he grabbed my finger and walked me to a table.

On the table was a lump of green clay-dough along side a bin of different molds; the molds being used to cut interesting shapes. My nephew sat himself in the chair. He picked up the dough which he handed to me. His expression was clear; he wanted me to do with the dough what I had done with the ball and the gun. So I flattened the lump and quickly cut three different shapes with three different molds.

This action seemed satisfactory as my nephew climbed out of the chair and walked to where I was standing. He reached his arms out as if he wanted to be picked up. I was happy to oblige because I‘ve always loved children and babies. In my younger days, I was a very doting father. Often caring for my own children after working long days in construction. Truth be told, I was exhausted at the time. But I cherish memories of early morning feedings with all three of my children. It’s true, I have a soft spot for little ones; their innocence brightens my soul.

I stooped over picking up my nephew. He immediately wrapped his little arms around my neck and buried his head against my chest. His embrace lasted much longer than expected; but once done he wriggled down and walked over to his father who standing nearby. This genuine hug, from an innocent child who struggles to communicate need, speaks volumes. I gave him my time. It was done in simple ways but I showed I valued what he was doing. The outcome was a tremendous return on a very small investment.

As simple as this experience may sound. I cannot overstate the value of this unexpected hug from an otherwise busy child. He showed me genuine love when I gave him very little of my time. He thanked me for seeing him and engaging in what he thought was valuable. My dear friends, this simple interaction, lasting less than a few minutes, carries profound strength. As a result, I am left wondering what would happen if we got really good at seeing people and giving them our time.

In reality, I know what would happen; we would see an increase in genuine love. People need to feel valued. And the best, simplest, way to show someone they have value is to give them your time. Time is precious. It’s our most valuable commodity. Becuase once it’s spent it’s gone forever. Perhaps this limitation of time is the reason so many fail to give their time to others? But, what if? What if we spent more of our time showing people we value them? What do you think would come of that? What return do you think would come from this


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